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Survey of road deterioration

Use case

The L²R device allows the survey of road deterioration based on images. The images are read by an Artificial Intelligence which identifies the deteriorations and their type.

At its most economical, the acquisition of road images is performed by tour vehicles equipped with a simple smartphone: garbage trucks, postal vehicles, patrol cars… Other means can be implemented, such as drones or the analysis of images from urban cameras.

This allows to control, keep, update the data according to a road referential (boundary, crossroads…) and to display the requests on maps (Google Earth, Openstreetmap…).

AI is also used to optimize maintenance policies with the innovative algorithms of L²R Programme which allow to establish a multi-year maintenance strategy of the road network. All constraints are taken into account:

  • Decision rules & priority laws
  • Law of evolution (artificially aging the road)
  • Consideration of planned works
  • Multiple budget scenarios

Territorial actors can thus repair roads at the right time, with multiple benefits, both financial and for road users.

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