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Computer vision

Technology uses computer vision technology based on convolutional neural networks. These learning algorithms, which mimic the functioning of the human brain, are designed to extract important data within images before proceeding to their analysis. This allows them to process… Read More »Computer vision

MacBook Pro beside 3D printer

3D Vision

Technology The 3D vision is the extension of the classical computer vision. An image is made of XY coordinates and RGBA colors. In 3D vision we simply add the Z axis to work in XYZ. Adding a dimension is not… Read More »3D Vision

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Predictive models

Technology Predictive models are at the heart of A.I. They include, of course, the image recognition technologies we have already talked about, but also a whole set of models working with more or less structured data to infer future behaviors… Read More »Predictive models

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Reliable A.I.

Technology Trusted A.I. covers a set of technologies that allow us to better understand and evaluate the behavior of an A.I. This is an important research theme within We have supervised several theses on this subject. We are working… Read More »Reliable A.I.