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Trustworthy Artificial Intelligence, designed for humans. offers advanced skills to plan, develop and deploy Artificial Intelligence and Computer Vision modules. We can accompany you from the analysis of your needs to the follow-up in production. We always integrate the “why” and the “how”. Our goal is to help you create maximum value for your teams, your customers and your end users.

A thoughtful project

We accompany you from the first phases of analysis of the need. The focus is on your business problems and the search for practical solutions in order to define upstream the project that will bring the maximum added value.

Key skills employs experienced and versatile engineers and scientists from the fields of IT, mobility, industry… In close collaboration with a software editor and a research laboratory.

Trustworthy A.I.

You will never blindly trust an A.I. We know how to extract the necessary data to evaluate the decision factors. This allows us to control and adapt the behavior of the A.I. in real-life situations.

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A.I. Diagnostics

Are you looking for support in defining and implementing your AI strategy? AI diagnostics allows you to identify development opportunities in order to set up an action plan.

A.I. Development

Have you already identified the potential contribution of an AI brick to your value chain? A.I. development allows you to have a functional Artificial Intelligence to incorporate into your prototype, test and put into production.

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Cutting Edge A.I.

Do you already have AI skills in your company and wish to develop a product for which classical models are not applicable due to scientific hurdles, or do you need scientific support for your internal or external projects? Cutting Edge I.A. allows you to mobilize key skills for personalized support on cutting-edge topics.

Some achievements

Let’s work together to create value.

Artificial Intelligence and Computer Vision are key technologies for industry, intelligent mobility, infrastructure control, food production monitoring, medicine…. We propose to accompany you to define your strategy and move quickly towards the implementation of concrete projects that will bring the growth of your company.