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A.I. Development

AI development is an offer for companies that have already identified an AI project. We have classical AI models such as classification, detection, segmentation or anomaly detection networks ready to be trained on your data. Furthermore, we develop models estimating the uncertainty of the output of AIs, so that they can be integrated more naturally as a brick of a complex system.

A.I. development takes place in four stages :

  1. Analysis of your problem, inventory of available data and/or acquisition and annotation procedures of useful databases for AI. A GO-NOGO is realized at the end of this phase.
  2. Preliminary tests on table. The aim is to carry out the first training tests of a network and to evaluate the performance of the learned model.
  3. Tests in real conditions. This phase validates the proof of concept and leads to the launch of a production study.
  4. Support to production start-up. We intervene at your side and at the side of partner companies: software manufacturers, robotics, automation, mechanics… to deploy A.I. in production conditions.

The advantages of A.I. development:

  • High added value expertise in machine learning and data processing
  • A range of generic AI models adaptable to customer problems
  • A self-diagnostics of the AI output