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Infrastructure was born in 2021 from the fruitful encounter between Logiroad, a road maintenance software publisher, and the Pascal Institute, a research center that offers, among other things, cutting-edge expertise in intelligent mobility. has a solid experience in the field of transportation and infrastructure maintenance.

The technologies used by let the data speak, whether it is acquired as picture, video, 3D color point clouds or via stereoscopic sensors.

The images and videos can be acquired with a simple smartphone. The 3D color data is obtained with the help of advanced technologies, including Lidar, a cousin of radar that uses light waves to draw a 3D map of its environment. These devices can be mounted on touring vehicles, public transport or even embarked by bicycles and pedestrians.

The processing of these data is done using artificial neural networks and image processing algorithms. These technologies are mastered internally by and constitute our core business.

At the output, it is possible to detect and identify the objects present on the images: road deterioration, invasive vegetation… 3D technologies allow to identify precisely the position of the elements. It is thus possible, for example, to reconstitute a map of the urban furniture from a single passage of vehicle in the streets.

Here are some examples of projects carried out by